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Edaleel Application – Health, Wellness and Beauty Guide.
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Edaleel is now available in play Play Store. With the Edaleel App you can now conveniently register, login and view details of all the local establishments, conveniently from your favorite device. With the new Edaleel app App you can also save the contact number of the store you are looking for in your android device contacts, or mail the contact details to your or any other email id.
  • Language Selection – Select language English or Arabic
  • Global Page– Chose your sector to browse
  • Home Page – Home page related to health, wellness and Beauty                                                                          
  • Search Result – Search your desired listings with suggested keywords.
  • Browse – Browse all the listings under particular listings
  • Profile – Create your own profile to create an address book of favorite listings
  • Contact Us – Contact us for more details
  • Add a listing – Participate to add your listings
  • Advertise with us – Participate to become a premium client
  • Feedback – Provide us your feedbacks and ratings
  • Paid profiles - Client company details with contact, videos, images and description.
  • Featured Listings - Give your business the edge through featured listings option.