What is Daleel?

Daleel is a comprehensive classification of businesses and brands operating in Healthcare & Tourism sectors in the UAE.
Daleel highlights your brand across multiple media such as print guide, website and mobile app.  
Daleel offers sector-specific guides, which will provide residents, nationals and visitors useful up-to-date information on Healthcare and Tourism sectors enabling them to gain better value.
Daleel is a comprehensive guide to Healthcare & Tourism businesses in the UAE. Daleel provides a quick and easy way for consumers to connect with business and service providers across the UAE. The guide also serves as an excellent B2B platform, connecting business houses with suppliers and vendors who understand the industry.
Daleel guides are a platform for the businesses to showcase themselves to potential customers across healthcare and tourism sectors.
As a Guide, Daleel collects information accurately and classifies it, enabling customers to find what they are looking for with speed and precision.